The Global Economy of Giving

As a leader, you want a way to unleash the extraordinary human power for good in your organization. OPES Humanity helps you realize that power through the simple act of giving.

Are You Human

How To Operate In the
Economy of Giving

Receive Your Gift First – Then Give It To Others

Open your OPES Wallet (and Receive your OS)

Get a unique QR Code for your organization

Give OPES Wallets
and free OS to members
of your organization / network
anywhere in the world

Encourage members to support
your organization and grow
the Economy of Giving through
their own OPES Wallet

Are You Human

Why Join OPES Humanity

When you become a part of OPES Humanity, you are building and benefiting from an economy of giving. The more members there are in the OPES Humanity Economy, the more the value of the economy grows. In essence, the more you give it away, the more it grows in value.

Don’t lose this opportunity to be
generous to the people who
have made significant contributions
to your leadership success.

Don’t lose this opportunity to help people who are important to you participate in the emerging digital currency economy. (In 2010 Bitcoin was worth less than 10 cents, in 2020 it is well over $9,000 per coin). OPES Humanity is on a similar path of growth.

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